Our Targets and Principles

As Millpart, we effort for new products and  for the next major innovation. As a word “Diversity” expresses for more than a mere word: It shows us who we are. With every work of ours, we try to make technology more practical, convenient and valuable for our customers.

Aiming to become one of the world leaders particularly in production of elevator buckets, Millpart Factory Equipment was established with the vision that is aware of investment is the way of sustainable growth in Turkish and food industry. Known as one of the outstanding brands in Turkey by turning its earnings continuously into investments through actions that are suitable for industrial and technological developments in its field, our company offers the best service to our customers as a company with high quality, pace and re liability.

Millpart Agricultural Buckets has always aimed to provide growth by producing, working and growing to make contributions to the national economy in accordance with its objective to manufacture quality products and keep raising the bar.